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Rocket J is classy, she’s brassy, she’s a real gone, good-looking gal who can belt out a rockin’ tune that’ll really send you!


She sings Rockabilly that will grab you by the front of the shirt, get in your face and remind you why this stuff is just plain fun music.


She has just released her second out, Rocket Baby on Squirrel-Tone Records available in limited edition pink vinyl or via digital download. It's a four song EP produced by Sean Mencher (High Noon), Matt Robbins (King Memphis) and Kevin Patey (Jittery Jack).  The songs recorded include one very exclusive Darren Lee Spears (Go Cat Go) original that was written especially for Rocket J just two months before his death and is most likely the last new Darren Spears song there will ever be!


Rocket J fun facts:

  • The nickname Rocket J comes from Rocky the Flying Squirrel of The Bullwinkle Show

  • Has made appearances at both the first US Rockabilly weekend in Indiana and the premiere Rockabilly weekend, Viva Las Vegas

  • Is a fanatic pug lover

  • Does not possess ear lobes

  • Ready to Launch made "Album of the Week" on Rockin' Therapy Radio less than one week after its release



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